Evaluation Question 1

E vid from Charles Blackwell on Vimeo.

I believe that it can be seen that my media product uses traditional formats of the thriller film genre. This is because key characteristic of the this genre inperticular are that it relies heavily on a tense and uneasy atmosphere for the audience to react in the correct way to the film. This will as have to be see along side the danger element, in which I have embed well as the props and sound help with this. In my own media product after selecting to explore the talent to create a hostile environment, and a sense of unease from every direction. I illustrated this representing the Thriller genre by using the technique of a wide angle shots and establishing shots to show the “danger zone” in which they enter, while close reaction shots of the my characters so that they can show what type of character they are and the emotions of that character. Moments of building up of tension are particularly effective as this enables the audience to suspect something is to come. I also believe my product develops forms of a traditional  Thriller film in the settings it uses. The element of a wide open plan of land gives the impression of being in a war zone which adds to the element of danger which again is very typical for a thriller have matched conventions within the sound and music of my film as I have edited around the music to match the film.